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High Tech

Innovate to minimize time-to-market and optimize investments in an environment characterized by technology obsolescence and dynamic evolution. Leverage MindsOne' High Tech solutions and experience in Engineering Services, Business Process Transformation, End-to-End IT Solutions, and Infrastructure Services to maintain operational excellence and market leadership. MindsOne' High Tech industry offerings provides comprehensive solutions for Computer Platforms and Services companies, the Software industry, Electronics and Semiconductor companies and Professional Services firms (Legal, HR, Tax & Accounting, and Consulting & Advisory/Analyst firms).

Get the MindsOne ADVANTAGE

  • Mitigate rapid technology obsolescence through cost-effective product and service innovations
  • Leverage extensive capabilities in Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Product Development to accelerate product development cycles and manage
  • globally dispersed development teams and supply chains
  • Enhance your Customer Relationship Management while maintaining a multi-modal communication between markets and partners
  • Mitigate intense market competition, time to market requirements, and pricing and margin pressures through streamlined enterprise solutions, optimized
  • pricing, and effective partnerships

What MindsOne Provides

MindsOne creates value for you through its:
  • Complete services model : A comprehensive service portfolio of IT Solutions, Business Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Infrastructure Services, and Business Process Outsourcing that enable organizations to focus on core competencies, lower operational cost, and drive global service standards
  • Partnerships and Alliances : Leveraged mutually exclusive capabilities that ensure successful ‘go-to-market’ initiatives, enhanced product performance, and effective industry and segment-specific solutions
  • Focus on innovation : Dedicated innovation labs, infrastructure support, and the Tata Research Development and Design Center provide access to leading edge technologies, advanced systems engineering methodologies, storage optimization, and convergence and embedded printer solutions
The High Tech product and service range is broadly classified under three categories:
  • Business
  • Product Engineering
  • Technology


With an experienced team of professionals - including biomedical engineers, computational chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, physicians, validation specialists, IT architects and management consultants - MindsOne understands your business objectives and helps you achieve and exceed them.

Client Challenges

  • Rising R&D costs
  • Pipeline failures
  • Safety-based drug withdrawals
  • Patent expiry
  • Ensuring patient safety
  • Compliance with quality standards
  • Medical accuracy in Healthcare

What MindsOne Provides

Comprehensive strategy for creating efficiency at every stage of your operations, which may include but are not limited to the following:
  • Accelerated drug development
  • Reduced clinical trial costs
  • Integrated care delivery networks
  • Re-evaluation of safety standards

Business Value

MindsOne will help you identify and realize goals, which may include but are not limited to the following:
  • More accurate diagnostics
  • Targeted medicines
  • Faster, more time and cost-effective clinical care
Client Thoughts

“GSK has chosen to partner with MindsOne because of its strong record in knowledge process outsourcing, underpinned by operational excellence. I am confident our collaboration will benefit both partners and, most important, help to deliver new medicines to patients.”

Dr. Amber Salzman, Senior Vice President, Development Operations, GlaxoSmithKline

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