Our Promise

We’ll learn your business objectives to ensure that every MindsOne Staffing employee meets your expectations. Simply put, we won’t waste your time.

Our Philosophy

Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality professional services to our clients in a way that maximizes return, value, and flexibility.

Our Mission

To assist and partner with today’s industry leading companies in achieving established business objectives by providing the technology personnel they require to positively impact their operations and business processes.

Our Advantage/Why Us

We understand the role of technology in business In today’s marketplace, information technology touches all aspects of how a company does business. The recruiting and business development team at MindsOne Staffing has a deep understanding of the role information systems play in business strategy. As a result, we’re able to help you analyze business challenges from an IT perspective, and to find, attract, and retain top-performing IT specialists with the skills necessary to solve them.

We speak IT

MindsOne Staffing’s recruiters are all respected IT industry vets who’ve achieved high levels of success in their own careers before joining our team. And now they’re all 100% focused on recruiting and placing IT experts. Not CFOs. Not marketing managers. Not physicians. Not receptionists. Just IT experts – all day – every day. So when you use terms such as C/C++, Linux, SAP, SOX or LAN/WAN, there’s no need to translate. We already speak your language.

Our database is full of top-performers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, active job seekers make up just 16% of the American workforce. That means most of the IT industry’s top talent is currently employed and not looking for a job. Even when they’re on the market, they’re snapped up almost immediately. So how do you gain access to these IT leaders? You start by contacting MindsOne Staffing. Our candidate database is full of currently employed, diverse superstars and soon-to-be superstars who are the top-performers in their organization. We can quickly find talent that you’ve not yet identified.

We think personality is just as important as skill

The fact is, technical skills can be taught – personality can’t. Certifications may be impressive on a resume, but without a cultural fit a team will never gel. At MindsOne Staffing we specialize in finding highly-skilled IT professionals that compliment the team as well as the technical requirements.

We really know our clients

At MindsOne Staffing, we never take a job request at face value. Instead, we take the time to examine your company’s business needs and gain a thorough understanding of not only the position’s IT requirements, but the company’s organizational culture, the department’s strategic goals, and what skills your ideal candidate will need to succeed in this position. Truly understanding your business gives us a real advantage when it comes to selecting the right candidate. Because we’ve already done our homework, when a client calls with a personnel request, we can quickly comb through our stable of talent and present only those candidates who possess the right combination of IT skills, business acumen, and personality necessary to seamlessly integrate into each specific team. Simply put, we won’t waste anyone’s time.

We really know our candidates

Just as we take the time to really get to know our clients, we do the same with our candidates. We explore each person’s past experiences and current skills. We learn about their ambitions, goals, likes, and dislikes. We find out why they are considering a job change and what their ideal job looks like. And we stay in touch on a regular basis. It’s an approach that means candidates and companies are perfectly matched, every time.

We measure our results…. and we’ll show you

MindsOne Staffing’s proprietary Financial Impact Analysis tool can show you how we contribute to your company’s bottom line. The FIA examines how your company uses other staffing services by considering contracting, turnover costs, permanent placement fees, guarantees, overtime, opportunity costs, the impact of multi-dimensional recruiting, and more. Then the Financial Impact Analysis gives you a side-by-side comparison of your current costs and what your costs would be if you decided to use MindsOne Staffing instead. In the rare instance that MindsOne is not the most economical solution, we’re not afraid to put that in writing too. What do you have to lose? Best case, you’ll find ways to save money. Worst case, you’ll still have a report card on your current staffing processes.

We’re committed to cost control

It’s no secret that recruiting firms charge fees to their client companies for finding and placing candidates. But when you compare the in-house costs of recruiting and hiring a new IT employee (ad placement, personnel hours spent networking, reviewing resumes, pre-qualifying, interviewing, and training new employees, lost productivity), recruiting fees seems downright economical.
When you work with MindsOne Staffing, we assume all the costs associated with recruiting top-tier IT talent. And with MindsOne Staffing, your overall time to hire is often faster than using in-house recruiters because of our extensive contacts, our flexibility, and the fact that we’re dedicated to IT recruiting 24/7. Let MindsOne Staffing conduct a free Financial Impact Analysis for you and we’ll show you just how cost-effective we can be.

We work off your timetable, not our own

MindsOne Staffing understands successful partnering relationships require a great deal of flexibility. Our services are designed to allow our clients the flexibility they need to respond to shifting priorities and changing project scopes. Because we understand that many staffing requirements cannot be planned for or anticipated during the course of a project life cycle, our recruiting model allows us to rapidly adjust and modify our procedures as your business needs require. With MindsOne Staffing, you’re guaranteed a rapid response time and immediate feedback to your request. You’ll find that we complete our searches on time, within budget, and exactly to your requested specifications.

We’re in it for the long haul

When you partner with MindsOne Staffing, you’re starting a long-term relationship – whether you’re a client or a candidate. We’re not the type of IT staffing firm that swoops in, forwards a ton of resumes, and then leaves you to sift through piles of unqualified candidates. We consider ourselves an extension of your IT and HR departments, which makes us an equal partner in the success of your business. Passion and loyalty are our bywords. While they may not be politically correct, it explains why most of our clients have been with us from day one. In fact, we’ve never lost a client in the history of our company. Why? Because we’re never out of touch with their needs. When we present someone for a job, both the candidate and the client know that we have their best interests in mind, not our own.

We’ll freely share our industry expertise with you

MindsOne Staffing is ready and willing to provide you with advice and counsel on how to improve your in-house recruiting efforts and retention rates. We can help you understand why you’ve been unable to retain your best employees, show you how to identify which employees could be poached next, and teach strategies for creating loyalty. We can also show you how to uncover great prospects that aren’t even on the market yet.

We hold ourselves to a strict standard of ethics

At MindsOne, we maintain high standards of ethical conduct and integrity in the operation of our business and in our dealings with employees, customers, and competitors. Our firm has an exceptional track record in privacy, confidentiality, and conflict of interest matters, as well as a track record of professional client representation which attracts the top candidates and protects our reputation.
MindsOne Staffing treats all applicants, employees, and clients with dignity and respect, and provides equal employment opportunities and job referrals, based on bona fide job qualifications, without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, or any basis prohibited by applicable law. MindsOne Staffing embraces and promotes diversity in the workplace and takes pride in the diversity of our candidate databank. In short, we like to think of ourselves as the United Nations of IT staffing.

Technology at Work. We provide custom solution for your needs.